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Game was launched on 02-May-2007.
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Contact: Ankit Nahar - Dubai (Indian)
Age: 26 ..... Web & Graphic Designer
Website: |
Facebook: FACEBOOK KBC3 Fan Page


Lively atmosphere in the whole game.
TV style presentation throughout.
Full voice-over by Shahrukh Khan.
Over 50+ in-game pictures of Shahrukh.
Over 250+ questions of all categories.
More questions added twice a month.
All 4 Lifelines for your help incl. Flip.
Neat & colourful graphics & animations.
New gameplay without much repetition.
Free updates, fixes, additions in future.

  PLAY KBC 3 ONLINE version v1.0

24-Mar-2013 : Please check my website regularly for game updates.
 PLAY KBC 3 ONLINE version v1.0


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