● Quick Coupling Valves And Hose Fittings

Quick Coupling Valves
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Cast from brass and then machined to precise tolerances, these three coupling devices allow the quick and easy connection and disconnection of above-ground sprinklers, or hoses.

FQCV Model 108100 (3/4”) and 108110 (1”) Quick Coupling Valves
These products feature BSP female threaded inlet and spring loaded protective lids and are used in conjunction with valve key and hose swivel ell. A double lip gasket assures a watertight seal, allowing them to be kept under constant pressure. Maximum suggested flow rating for size 3/4” is 20 gpm and size 1” model 35 gpm.

FQCK Quick Coupling Valve Key
The model 108200 features an internal 1/2” female thread and an external 3/4” male thread, the model 108210 has a 3/4” female x 1” male threaded outlet. Use of these keys with quick coupling valves provides a convenient connection for sprinklers or spray heads. Discharge flow can be adjusted by turning the key handle.

FQCSH Quick Coupling Valve Swivel Hose ELL
Hose ELL’s provide for connection with hoses to enable supplemental hand watering. The ell swivels a full 360˚ to prevent hose kinking. Use with the FQCV, FQCK and clamps for hose attachment. These swivel hose ells feature both 3/4” or 1” female inlets and either a threaded male or ribbed outlet for hose connections.


Hose Fittings : VYR-6
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Hose Fittings : VYR-7
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Hose Fittings : VYR-8
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