● ‘In-Line PC’ Pressure Compensating Drip Tube


• Fitco ‘In-Line PC’ combines drip tubing and pressure compensating drip emitters in one easy to install package.
• Fitco ‘In-Line PC’ is ideal for irrigation of trees, shrubs and ground cover areas within landscapes and for agricultural applications including row crops.
• Fitco ‘In-Line PC’ reduces systems cost, installation time and maintenance.
• Fitco ‘In-Line PC’ offers the widest effective operating pressure range in the industry (0.5 - 5.0 bar) providing discharge uniformity over longer run distances allowing increased design flexibility and reduced systems cost.
• Fitco ‘In-Line PC’ provides excellent clogging resistance to ensure reliable discharge rates essential for healthy plant growth.
• Fitco ‘In-Line PC’ emitters are hydraulically engineered to provide a self cleaning “flow spike” upon systems start up and flushing cycle at shut down.
• Fitco ‘In-Line PC’ dual-layered construction format ensures maximum resistance to chemicals, UV damage and algae growth.
• Available in a choice of flow rates and spacings to provide application flexibility for a wide range of landscape and agricultural plant varieties.
• The Fitco ‘In-Line PC’ emitter silicone diaphragm accurately pressure compensates through use of an extended turbulent flow path (more than double the emitters actual length) without increase to cross sectional area. This feature aids in long term blockage resistance.
• Cylindrical shape of Fitco ‘In-Line PC’ emitter “welds” to the inner circumference of the polyethylene tubing, providing a physical barrier that keeps the emitter protected and securely in place.
• Cylindrical design of Fitco ‘In-Line PC’ emitter provides a large surface area for filtration throughout its inner circumference.
• Dual outlet ports on each Fitco ‘In-Line PC’ emitter combine to provide a micro air vacuum relief valve function and enhance blockage resistance.
• 4% Co-efficient of flow Variance (CV) - “Class A” grading by C.I.T. and Cemagref
• Durable ‘UV’ resistant construction ensures long operation life.
• Warranted for 7 years against manufacturing defects.
• Accepts industry standard compression, Drip-Loc and barb insert type fittings.
• Available in 16mm, 18mm and 20mm O.D. sizes
• Available in black and optional brown tube colours
• Operation range 0.5 - 5.0 bars (7.35 - 73.5 psi)
• Operating temperature upto 60ºC (140ºF)
• Flow rates 2.2 and 3.8 LPH (0.58 and 1.0 US GPM) @ 2.5 BAR
• Available in emitter spacings 25, 30 (standard), 33, 40, 50 (standard), 60, 75, 100 and 150cm.
• Other flow rates and custom spacings available, contact Fitco for details.
* Use of Air Relief Valve recommended for subsurface installations


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“In-Line PC” - Pressure Compensating Drip Tubing

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